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Thank you to our 2021/2022 sponsors!

It is no exaggeration when we tell you that we simply could not hold our beautiful festival each year if we did not have the support of the Yarra Ranges Council and these community spirited businesses.

The Yarra Ranges Council have partnered with our festival for 7 years now and provide financial and organisational assistance to us year after year. We are so very grateful for their ongoing support. 

Glady & Co Mental Health Support are the major sponsor for our 2021 festival. These incredible people are doing vital work in our community every day and they understand fully the connection between the arts and the joy in our lives.  

Watts River Brewing are amazing people making awesome beer. We're proud to showcase their beers every year at the festival.  Go visit them! 

Beechworth Bakery in Healesville are long term supporters of the festival. Not only do they support the festival, every year they host musicians on their verandah and we don't hesitate to send all of you who love a great bakery to see them. 

We're delighted to welcome back the RACV Country Club. This beautiful club is directly opposite the festival grounds and is a great option for a luxurious festival weekend. 

McKenzie's Tourist Services, Lions Club of Healesville and the Healesville branch of the Bendigo Community Bank are wonderful people that support many community events and we're so fortunate to welcome them back this year. 

Watts-River brewing logo. mountains with a river winding through
Healesville Racing Club logo. A person rides a horse through an arch.
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Yarra Ranges Council logo
Blue and green mountains with the words Yarra Ranges Council in white
Bendigo bank logo 
The words Bendigo Bank in red writing next to a Yellow B
EGH Logo 
The letters E G and H with the words Eastern Generator under them
The words Densal Audio in white on a black background
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Lions Club Logo. 
White writing of lions Australia we serve on a blue background
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