Hover over the artists photos for a snappy bio about them and  to see their playing times as they currently stand.
*Please note the programme is not finalised and these days & times may change* (hopefully not the performers though - we love them all!)

Alawishus Jones and the Outright Lies

Benji & the Saltwater Sound System

The Humbuckin' Pickups

Bruce Watson

Bella the Bookworm

Damian Howard & The Ploughboys

Daniel J Townsend

Grim Fawkner

Margaret Crichton & the Festival Choir

Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission

Ruccis Circus School

The Barren Spinsters

This Way North

Bush Poets Breakfast & Competition

Front Porch

Kerryn Fields

Matt Joe Gow

Rich Davies and the Low Road

Scott Cook and the She'll Be Rights

The Dukes of Despair

Tim Woodz

The HMF Community Stage

Great Aunt

Lee "Sonny Boy" Morgan

Michael the Balloonologist

Richard Perso


The Royal High Jinx

Tuck Shop Ladies


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